Actor, Speaker, Spiritual life coach, and Founder of
The Online Academy for the Conscious Performer

“She” awakened within me back in 2020, after the passing of my father, a deeper level of myself started to surface that I didn’t KNOW existed! Along with it brought a myriad of unanswered questions, that I HAD to seek the truth around.

We, are masters at creating the life we want and deserve to have, it's our birthright And our DUTY, to understand the ancient wisdom that REALLY manifests, the universal law of attraction…

The biggest lesson to date brought about the “downloading” of my latest life lesson,


Unearthing the Diamond Within 


This is now a 121 program, along with the Energy Healing that I do, bringing about massive change for those that choose to work with me.

I am now on a mission to share the wisdom and teachings, to inspire, motivate and encourage women and performers ALL over the world, to embrace their TRUE essence, find their voice and ALWAYS live and speak, THEIR truth!


As an Actor and collaborative Author for 3 “Self Empowerment” books that released in 2021, along with 20 or so other females in business, I share the journey to date, advising of all the pitfalls and skills used to keep yourself on track, in order to achieve ALL your dreams and ambitions, having been in the entertainment industry for well over a decade now, I am able to call upon my inner power to take me through and navigate the uncertain terrains we all come across. I know my mental health will always be catered to as well as my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

September will see the launch of our brand new online academy for The Conscious Performer along with the podcast, entitled The Conscious Entrepreneur

Along the way, I am working towards being a Dr of Divinity within New Thought Global for which I am SO very excited about as that takes me into the next phase of my life.

Since qualifying in Coaching back in 2017 I've added a range of energy work to the sessions I offer. These are a variety of services that nurture the soul and spirit, allowing you to overcome personal challenges, and achieving your individual life goals.


I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their FULL potential and I do this by working with Your Higher Self, so if you’d like to work in partnership with YOUR higher being, connect with me, lets start your proactive journey today!


Whether you're in need of help achieving goals or just have a "knowing" that SOMEthing has to change, I can help. Using an array of life-long acquired skills to provide a service that gives you the tools and confidence, for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, I regularly host workshops and seminars around Finding Your Voice.


Im very much into the power of the mind and ensuring the body is a vibrational match to that which you desire, so if you're ready to become an energetic MATCH to ALL that you desire, get in touch via the contact form today!

How I help

I love working with people to help them find their true selves and I work with them in a variety of ways. Below you can find some more information on how I help

Energy Healing Sessions

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing

Release Toxic mental Energy

We are now on the frontier of a new wave of healing. Your body has all the data it needs to heal and by accessing the memory and changing your perception, the healing takes place in the mind, body, and cellular level. 

When a past trauma or event takes place we quite literally store this information in our cells and major organs, if it is not resolved dis-ease can take place and we can become fragmented and feel soul loss.


Soul loss can be caused by any form of illness, abuse by others, substance abuse or other trauma. It can occur from grief and loss, co-dependent relationships or any form of prolonged fear, pain or illness.

Consciously we are not always aware of how our past or beliefs have an impact on our everyday lives, it will constantly playback to us in our reality. Just as a computer stores information so does the body, you could say that the body is a biological computer

sessions last between 60-90min

£125 per session (block session discount applies when 6+ are booked and paid for in full)

Access Bars

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality from Access Consciousness. Access Bars have been reported to assist with dissipating mind chatter, overwhelm, limiting thoughts, and the electromagnetic charge from those thoughts and feelings that hold us back. The worst-case scenario? It'll leave you feeling as though you've had the best massage of your life and the best case..LIFE-CHANGING!