Actor, presenter, speaker, coach.


I’m an on-screen actress and an experienced voice-over artist. I’ve been in the majority of our fabulous British soaps and international films, most recently in Disney’s Aladdin. As a voice-over artist, I’ve worked with charities and national brands in business advertisements for screen and radio. For the last 10 years I’ve been an avid networker and presenter for many business events.


Empowered, confident, hard-working, strong - I’ve been called all of these things, but it isn’t something I was given. I believe that success comes from both your inner confidence and the support you have around you.


Everybody could do with someone to cheer them on. If we have that from an early age, we’re more likely to build the confidence and self-belief we need. I didn’t have it, and I’ve fought hard to get here today. I’ve had various jobs, tried a number of sectors before joining the entertainment industry at 35 and finding my place. Now I want to share that experience and support with other women.


I am a qualified life coach, supporting women to find direction when you don’t know where to turn. My coaching style is based on trust and understanding, combined with my experience and industry expertise.


I’ll be the push you need to help you get out of your own way. 

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Communicating with confidence to camera.


As a business owner, an entrepreneur, a woman leading your business forward, you know the power of communication.


How often have you seen your peers on stage or watched videos of inspirational speakers? When they have your attention, motivate you to take action, you know they are skilled at communicating with confidence.


Do you have that confidence yourself?


What do you need to succeed?


Few people are naturally gifted when it comes to speaking to an audience – especially if that’s on camera. Being confident in your business doesn’t automatically make you a natural on film. With more and more business conducted online in full view of your customers, you can no longer say no to getting involved. Video is a vital part of your business marketing strategy.


I’ve stood on stage as a motivational speaker in front of many business owners and amazing female entrepreneurs. Time and again, the main thing I hear from these leaders, experts in their own industry, is a fear of getting in front of a camera.


What do you need to succeed? You can learn the skills and techniques that build your confidence and help you to inspire and lead, both on and off camera. When you need support, to know that someone is in your corner and cheering you on, then you need a Buckso.