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So I feel its fair to say you have an idea of what im about by now! I adore being able to stand on a stage and sing, act OR my favorite SPEAK! Below you will find a range of things ive been involved with over the course of my career and how I can be of help in SO many ways for those out there looking for 121 coaching, or a more practical need for their business such as a professional voiceover recording. Versatility is KEY in this day and age and I for one, intend to make sure folks can get as much use out of me as possible!..

Here is a lovely little affirmation you can listen to, around universal manifesting. Relax, close your eyes, deep breath and clear the mind..listen to it as often as you want but be sure to create the right environment for yourself, you deserve it!!!

And then there's the Singer in me that just loooooves to....well sing!

Here is a little taster..

For those of you out there looking for the perfect fit for your Voice-over, have a listen to my voice-reel, it'll give you insight to the various tonalities used and gravitas of the voice. Getting the right person to portray what your business message is, really holds value. After all, you don't want to put people off if the voice is too, harsh!!

Lincolnshire Well Being Show 6th Nov 2021

Grab a cuppa, sit back and listen to the talk Buckso shared with the visitors to this fabulous weekend event hosted by the equally brilliant Lizian Events.

Todays topic is all about 

"The Importance of living Life, speaking YOUR Truth"

see more of their upcoming shows over at

Newark Well Being Show September 2021

In this collage of videos of the speakers at this event, Buckso leads the way for the first 3mins, heres a taster!