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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Starting this journey to a new ME!

Hello to ALL you Diamonds in the rough! Yes, thats what we ALL are and i came to realise this in 2020. Did you know, they only need 1g of carbon from a loved ones ashes to create a diamond? Yeah, i know!! Crazy hmm? So THERES the proof, its IN us all along but, why do we need to die, in order to reveal it to the world? Its sacrilege, right? The mission i have now in life, is to unearth the diamond in all of us. We deserve to shine BRIGHT and reveal the many facets we have so that we can truly be in harmony with our heart and souls desire.

Its ALL about the diamond in YOU...

So of course, you can imagine that got me on a massive journey of self discovery. You see, in Jan 2020 my beliefs and my perception of MY spirituality changed irrevocably, after the passing of my father. We hadn't had the best of relationships for about 22 years but, I cared for him a few days each week for the last couple of months and, it brought about a shroud of unspoken acceptance of what had happened, all those years ago..for both of us. My spiritual mentor explained to me that my fathers higher self was trying to apologize to me, via my higher self, back in Nov 2019 which explained why I constantly felt sad and teary, knowing full well it wasnt MINE. This made things easier therein for me to continue caring for him, knowing he was never going to "talk things over" made it easier to just be in the moment, although quite often id sense a need from him, to "ask me something"which i knew if pursued, would have resulted in us probably having that moment of acknowledgement between us. But that wasnt to be and its only now afterwards, that ive got ALL these questions burning inside of me, so i strongly suggest to those of you with difficult relationships involving parents, please GO and ask them about WHO they were, what did THEY want to be and do when they were 25/35/50? Cos guess what? They WERE that age, once upon a time!! Why dont we realise that as kids eh??

So here we are, 8mth down the line and im now in SUCH a better place of understanding on a spiritual level that, i can never "unknow" any of it. I dont ever want to either, to be honest! I LOVE what i now know and feel! Because of that, ive committed to helping others achieve the same, if not better, sense of fulfillment from life just knowing youre doing EXACTLY what your soul wants to be doing.

So if youre looking to unearth the diamond within YOU and know you have more youre not showing, i WILL help you with that..IF you want to. Please, go visit my evolving website and get in touch with any questions you may have.. I AM at your service..until the next time.. KEEP SHINING!

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