As i was saying...

So, after the last blog. I thought I would share my 100 million pound passion and purpose, mission with you. It may change next week or next year. But what I do know for sure is right here right now. This is the truth. My mission, hands down, would be about helping and supporting others within the entertainment industry/LIFE, that don't have any kind of help or support to call upon. In order to pursue their purpose and their mission. I would be speaking around the world on global stages. Sharing ancient wisdom and truth. At every TED talk in every capital of the world, as a highly sought after Doctor of Divinity. Wow. Wow! sounds huge doesn't it? Sounds scary as well. But that's what it's supposed to feel like because you dont realize this but, youre really THAT powerful.


WE really are that powerful, even as I'm saying it I still have my subconscious mind popping up and saying "Shut up! Stop chatting shit." And I'm ignoring it, it's getting easier to ignore though because I now know that, that part of my mind, is only telling me something that I gave meaning to. Once upon a time in my life when I was younger that meaning I gave it, gave it some sort of life. As soon as you give anything meaning. It gives it life, it gives it longevity, it gives it existence....

And this is something that I've come to learn and know as I grow spiritually in this space, this beautiful container of amazing women, where we talk and share and learn all about universal law, metaphysics, quantum physics and the truth, UNIVERSAL truth.

I look forward to sharing this with you in my future posts. But for now....

Keep speaking and LIVING in your truth!!

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