100 million in the BANK!

So heres a question for you.

If you had 100 million in the bank really, what would you be doing right now? Would you be doing what you're doing, would you be doing something different and not charging people, what would you be doing? And we come across this question a lot in my coaching space, in spiritual mastery, we come across this module. And it asks us to question that. In our life, we think we want to do this ONE thing and yet if we had all the money in the world which, let's be honest 100 million is ALL THE MONEY, would we still be doing it? It really did, and still does every time I hear it, make me freeze with uncertainty because, you don't want to get it wrong do you? you don't want it to be the wrong thing that youre choosing to pursue in life cos, life IS short! It really is...

Feeling it even more so as I hurtle towards half a century. I'm feeling the Sands of Time slipping through my fingers. Even though "they" say 50 is the new 40, we still can't help but stare mortality in the face. And that's the truth.

When we find ourselves triumphing over something in life, overcoming that which we never thought we could and then add passion OUR passion to it, we have a skillset that is created. Something WILL always prevail from adversity. We have our raison d'etre. We have our purpose. But Iask you, after this last 18 months are we any closer to finding what our purpose actually is?

I invite you in this now moment, to take a pen and paper and write down all those things you would do if you had a 100 million in the bank. And I don't mean, what would you do with that money. I mean, what would you DO from the liberation within your mind, knowing that you are secure, to pursue that which you love. What is it? That ONE thing...for that is truly what will bring the fullfilment you desire..

until the next time...keep speaking your truth!

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