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The Online Academy for The Conscious Performer

Life isn't about what you do, It's who you are when you do it..

Awakening can be painful be it on a physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual level. Theres been HUGE upheaval 

this last few months and it would be foolish to assume any of us have come out of it unscathed. We are ALL asking questions, moreso now then ever before....SURELY..

There’s got to be more to life than this…?

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The Online Academy for the

Conscious Performer

The Online Academy for The Conscious Performer

An online community to support the performers that just KNOW theres more to be done

within, so they can become the BEST version of who they are..

The dawn of a new era is upon us... the time has come, to step up and INTO the truth of you are. Leaving behind, any hint of mediocrity

When we're born, we arent taught how to "BE"... Once upon a time, we were a little kid… and next, without warning or explanation we became this grown up, an amazing, all powerful individual who had an inner potential, we knew nothing about!

BUT, deep within our DNA and subconscious mind, lies a cornucopia of memories with a power that’s capable of things the conscious mind could never imagine...

HOW do i know?..

that’s how it happened for me. The passing of my dad in Jan 2020, made me wake UP and realize…I'd been sleepwalking through life! Living by default, never IN purpose. Why was I allowing myself to be dragged around by emotions, when I could have been making something of myself?. And that’s why, I feel, you could be here. Because, as an Intuitive, I do that a lot..FEEL.

This allows me to connect with our Higher Self, that part of us thats without judgement, FEAR, scarcity or lack.

It makes it so much easier to get to the things that are BLOCKING you, preventing you from:

progressing in life,

landing that dream job/gig

pursuing a life full of hope and realized potential

having a deep. meaningful relationships

Lights in the Dark

Your very foundations have been shook:


  • The death of a cherished one

  • Redundancy/Retirement

  • Kids "flying the nest"

  • Health declined

  • Relationship ends


Something happens, and it brings chaos within your once peaceful world…
Right now, in very this moment, you are being given a lifeline..a once in LIFETIME opportunity. Now, I REALLY want you to HEAR me when i say this..read that again!

An opportunity to re-calibrate your inner satnav...

When something ‘comes to an end,’ whether it’s in your control or not, you simply can NOT be who you once were, going back to what you once did.

Doing the same things in the same way, its just going to throw you out of alignment – out of balance, with your TRUE self. 

You see, this, is the new you. The better version of you and I can hear you asking..

"How do you facilitate the unfolding of this updated version of you?"

I mean, lets face it, you didn't really plan to feel this way, did you? 

Fear not! I’m here to guide you my friend..please..


You need help in acclimating to this newly birthed version of yourself, you’ve seen there's life beyond the cocoon, now let’s get you out of it.

You CAN discover yourself – your TRUE, brilliant self, shining bright, like the diamond you are!

Welcome to your new and fulfilling life…!!

You CAN experience a life full of abundance through inner healing and getting to REALLY know thyself. Just imagine…


  • Being self-aware and fully knowing yourself

  • Clarity in your life and the direction you want it to go.

  • A renewed sense of purpose – a reason to live a life beyond limitations

  • Knowing your core values and living by them, so everything you do is a reflection of the REAL you.

  • Being clear on your boundaries, so you can honor the TRUTH of who you are

  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind, allowing you to take action without the mental blocks holding you back

  • Having heightened creativity and perception, so you can express yourself and experience deeply.

I offer bespoke 1-2-1 sessions tailored to suit you and your needs.

We’ll incorporate some or ALL these modalities :

Reiki, Quantum Holographic Echo Healing, Access Bars, E4 Trauma Method to remove limiting beliefs and blocks collected through years of experiences and traumas. You’ll also get **access to other specialists and experts, creating a truly holistic approach.

Are you ready to start living life IN purpose?

Now is the time to answer your soul’s calling!
Are you ready to start living life IN purpose? 
Are you ready to unburden yourself from ALL the shackles that are holding you back?

Then get in touch!

Let's get this unfolding of the REAL you – started.
Make the commitment NOW with yourself to do the inner work and you're onto a winner.

Let's go get it!
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