What is the OACP?

This community was created as a result of the gap that exists within the performing arts industry, we are not here to "reinvent the wheel" rather, its more about the need to create a supportive, safe space where people, going into or currently, in the industry can access a range of resources that are NOT available/covered within their performing arts/drama schools.

These resources are designed to tackle all those areas that arent spoken about/touched upon, for various reasons, and so a desire to "bridge the gap" brought about the creation of this membership community.

Why should i become a member?

Imagine a place where you were able to access training modules that helped you with:

Limiting Beliefs- those thoughts that pop up at the most inopportune moments. i.e. before your auditions/interviews/presentations, and hold you back from nailing that job!

Self Worth- We all struggle with the value of who we are. This can have a HUGE impact on the day to day decisions we want to make and can affect the outcomes.

Imposter Syndrome- people suffering from imposter syndrome may be at increased risk of anxiety. So its HIGHLY important that we take action around this.You deserve it!!

Subconscious Reprogramming- The subconscious mind typically requires between 22 and 66 days to be reprogrammed. If you are over the age of 31 it could take twice as long. The reason being, your subconscious mind is 95% programmed by the age of 31 with all your habits, routines and beliefs. Lets change this.

Identity Shifting- An identity shift is choosing to change your current identity because you want to become a new person and experience a NEW life. To change your identity, you have to endure the changing process. This process will test an individual's willpower, are you ready? 

This is a SAFE, non-judgmental container that is going to give you ALL the support you need in order to create a balanced approach to achieving your dreams and ambitions. Having gone though her own struggle over the last couple of decades, chasing a lifelong dream of getting into the world of Acting etc, Buckso knows only too well, the pitfalls of getting there and maintaining a healthy mind along the way. After youve achieved your academic requirements at your chosen college etc who continues to support you in your journey? Some of us may be lucky to have parents that are by our side all the way but theyre only able to do SO much. And if, like Buckso, youre a person who had NO help or support through the process, it can be SO hard to keep going! Well thats why this Academy was created.

in this global community, you will access..

A safe, confidential, non-judgemental performers supportive community..

Exclusive modules that have never before been used in this arena..

Monthly zoom calls discussing the findings from the modules after completion of them..

Access to a HOST of coaches from around the world sharing their "zone of genius"..

**121 monthly sessions with Buckso, to discuss ANYthing presenting in that moment 

The OACP APP* so you can access resources on the move 

This, is just the start!

Things will grow as the Academy grows. As a goodwill/loyalty gesture, ALL of those who join the membership within 30 days of the academy launch (Autumn 2021) WILL get to keep a "founder member rate" for the LIFETIME of your membership*** 

So, what are you waiting for??

Join the waitlist and be one of the first 100 that get to be Founding Members..

email us today and save your seat!!!

(*launching 2022)

(**VIP members only)

(***if you leave, there is no return within 12mths and then it will be at the price in operation at that time)



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